steel Tower Fence

1.Specification and Introduction:


1.  Different Layout of Tower Palisade Fencing


15mx20m,15mx15m,17mx17m,21mx21m,22mx22m. Other layout size also can be design.

2. Post size (line post, coner post, gate post) 

Type 1: I beam: 100x55mmx3000mm; Type 2:square post:70x70x3mmx3000mm, Type 3: Square post: 80x80x3mmx3000mm,

Type 4: Angle steel: 75x75mmx6mmx3000mm, other size post size also can be on request.  Post connection will be steel plate.

3. Horizontal Rails Size

Type 1: 50x50mmx5mm, Type 2: 75mmx50mmx5mm, length are according to layout request. Usually, 2.08m,1.98m etc.

Rails quantity:  Type 1: two rails(top rails and bottom rails;  Type 2: three rails(top rails,middle rails and bottom rails);

4. Vertical Pales

Type 1:  W pale----Big W pales(width:72mmx thickness:2.5mmx length:2350mm); 

                           -----Small W paes(width:63mmx thickness: 2.5mmx length:2350mm)

Point: single point OR triple point;

5. Crank arm

material: angle steel:50x50mmx5mmx850mm, we have single crank arm for line post and gate post, we also have double

crank arm for corner post. Other size material also can be on request.

6. Top Flat Razor Wire

O.D.: 500mm, Middle razor blade, Hot dipped galvanized,Razor length:22mm, blade thickness:0.5mm,steel wire thickness:2.5mm, with steel clips. Length are according to layout length, 4m, 5m,7m,8m,12m,13m,15m,17m,20m etc.

7. Tension wire

hot dipped galvanized wire, wire thickness:4mm,packing: 25kgs per rolls;

8. Tie wire

hot dipped galvanized wire, wire thickness:2mm,packing: 25kgs per rolls;

9. Tensioner for tension wire

usually, one tower site need 12pcs tensioners, hot dipped galvanized; packing: 50pcs per carton;

10. Wall Spike

It is used on the top rails,and fixed by bolts and nuts, hot dipped galvanized; packing: carton with steel plate;

Length: 1m per piece, 1.2m per piece;

11. Gate( right gate leaf and left gate leaf)

Double leaf swing gate: gate frame: 38x38mm or 50x50mm, Gate top rails: 60mmx60mm or 50x100mm steel pipe;

We also have special lock steel bar system for Africa Tower fence system.

12. Botls and nuts

All fixing bolts will be vandal proof and the threads crushed adjacent to the nut after installation to prevent removal.

M8X30mm or 40mm ---for pales and rails;

M12x30mm----for post and rails, crank arm and post; 

M8x80mm---for gate frame and pales;

M24x100mm---for gate frame and gate post;

etc bolts and nuts also can be on request.

13. gate lock

One gate need one gate lock


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