Beautiful and practical residential fence, three Triangle Fence on Nov.14th,2014

Triangle Bending Fence
Unique design: The unique design of embedded hooks that form a strong pillar and fence overall. The product design won the French industrial design awards, and has made patent.
Excellent performance: the use of high quality raw material products, and after a special surface treatment, high corrosion resistance. Finished enjoy years of quality assurance *.
Installation is simple: when the product is installed without special accessories using push installation, easy-to-hold grip, simple and efficient, and reduce costs.
Surface treatment: galvanized steel craft, wire + high adhesion polyester electrostatic spraying color and matte color nearly 200 kinds of surface treatment
Choose fence installation :( optional) direct landfill wall or mounted on a concrete floor installation safety accessories through flange (optional) safety requirements according to the site, the Internet can be installed around the elbow, barbed wire, barbed tiger.
Common Specifications
Dip wire diameter: 5.0mm
Mesh Size: 50mm X 180mm
Column Dimensions: 48 mm X 2.5mm
Mesh Size: 2.3m X 2.9m
Stiffener four grids: 50X50mm can be customized according to customer requirements.
Structure: high strength cold drawn carbon steel wire and welding through hydroforming, with links to accessories and steel pillars fixed.
Features: high strength, steel is good, beautiful shape, broad vision, ease of installation, feeling bright and relaxed.
Right bend, creating a unique aesthetic effect of such products, and the surface treatment using dip a variety of colors, such as yellow, green, red, column and mesh with different colors is pleasing, but this multi-use products with chassis pillars, installation simply lay the expansion bolts, very fast.
Closed railway network, living area fence, field fence, the zone isolation network, and so on.

Bending fence is high quality welding wire, sheet bending assembled after processing, and bending an increase of aesthetics, while increasing the mesh strength, both ways; mainly used in schools, communities, highways, high-speed protection of highways, railways, bridges, airports, ports, stadiums, construction sites, parks, green spaces, closing off hills forest and other areas; otherwise triangular bending fence, bending the fence, bending safety net is called; bend Fence with anti-corrosion, aging, sunscreen, high resistance, low temperature, structure concise, beautiful and practical, easy to good transportation, installation, anti-theft performance, bending fence by the small actual terrain for the mountain, slope, bending zone adaptation Extremely strong, affordable features.

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