the difference between PVC coated fence and powder coating fence

Fence as the main substrate, weathering its outer polymer resin (thick 0.5-1.0MM), with a corrosion and rust, acid, 

moisture, insulation, anti-aging, feel good, environmental protection, long life is to dip and other characteristics, 

is the replacement of the traditional anti-rust paint surface treatment, galvanizing and other coating products. 

Fence spray principle: electrostatic powder coating spray machine to the surface of the fence, in electrostatic

powder evenly adsorbed on the fence surface, forming a powder coating; powdery coating baked at high 

temperatures grilled flat after curing flow into different effect of the final coating; spray effect in mechanical 

strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, anti-aging better than the painting process, the cost of painting the

same effect is also under.

Fence dip and spray the difference: In general more effective than spray dip to the good, in recent years more 

and more broad-dip fence. It is non-toxic, wear, light, colorful, feel good. From the looks of it, the outer surface 

spray than the dip to be hard and flat. But further distinguish what can cut with a knife on the fence surface. 

Look at the surface thickness, dip spray thickness than the thickness of a large, general spray thickness of 

only 0.2mm or so. Thickness of 3 mm and above all dip.

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