Difference stadium fence with ordinary fence on Nov.15th,2014

Difference stadium fence with ordinary fence in size, typically 3-4 meters high stadium fence, mesh 50 × 50mm, the column with 60 tube, 48-tube frame; and ordinary fence is generally 1.8-2 meters high can, mesh 70 × 150mm, 80 × 160mm, 50 × 200mm, 50 × 100mm can be, using the framework of 14 * 20 square tube, or 20 × 30 square tube, the column is 48 pipe, or pipes ranging from 60 square .
On installation, the stadium fence according to customer requirements, made frame structure, to the site and then assembled, flexibility, and save shipping space, speed up the progress; the ordinary fence is generally welded, fixed directly on site, or embedded type, or expansion bolt chassis.

On the net surface structure, the stadium fence uses a hook netting surface, good anti-climbing ability and strong tension, less deformation by external impact, is ideal for use while the ordinary course of the general use of welded wire mesh fence, mesh stable good vision, low cost, suitable for large-scale use.

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