Brief PVC Coated Fence on Nov.13th,2014

Fence uncommon now, here I give you to talk about the history of the fence

Fence History: From the earliest wooden fence, is a barrier to people of various animals in captivity and settings. The current development, fences often look different forms in our lives, has a very wide range of uses and connotations.

Fence has been a lot of species, PVC Coated fence is one of them. The high-tech anti-corrosion treatment process PVC coated fence it after treatment, dip in the surface layer of the steel strong adhesion of hot weather resistant engineering polymer resin protective layer (thickness 0.5-1.0mm), complete with steel body air, water and acid substances isolation, to abrasion, UV intensity, corrosion, rust, fade effect. Plump glossy appearance, color variety, long life, no painting maintenance, easy to clean, and both traditional wrought iron railings quaint, beautiful, strong and varied advantages. Is the traditional paint, galvanized coating replacement products, widely used. PVC Coated fence colors are white, glossy black, navy blue and so on. Mainly used for: road fence, speed grille, airport security network, residential villas garden fence, residential fence, metal craft frame, bar cage, sports and fitness equipment.

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